Welcome to C.E. Bourne & Co., Inc

Thank you for considering our firm for your upcoming roofing projects.  We have a sincere interest in participating in these projects and feel we have the capabilities to be a truly strong and productive team member.  Our goal is to insure that these projects are completed in an expeditious manner, within your budget, at the lowest cost to you, while maintaining our firmís reputation for quality construction and personalized service.

Our firmís involvement in related building projects has been extensive, diverse, and extremely successful.  We enjoy an excellent working relationship with each projectís ďteamĒ members.

When roofing any facility, special care and attention must be provided to insure the proper working environment exists for your employees.  Our project team has gained valuable experience in dealing with the needs and demands presented by this situation.  Our field personnel understand and make every effort to insure that any disruption necessitated by our work will be minimized.  

Thank you again for considering our firm for these projects.  As 95% of our annual volume comes from reroofing and maintenance, we believe our experience and expertise will allow us to provide valuable input and make a real contribution.


C.E. Bourne & Co., Inc

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